Curricula Recommendations

Here you will find curricula that I have used with my kids and that I recommend. These recommendations are all secular. It took me many years of trial and error to find what worked for us. There are so many other choices but I am only listing the ones I have tried and liked. I tried to look for a curriculum that was engaging, creative, and challenging. I have included the links for your convenience. I do not get any compensation from these companies, just want to share because I know how difficult it was for me to find something that worked and hope this helps you find something that works for your students as well. If you are looking for Christian Curricula, I have heard good things about Sonlight, Abeka, and BJU Press.


Singapore Math – I liked the Standards Edition best. I found that it explained the concepts clearly and was more challenging than the other choices they have. They only offer the Standards Editions for grades 1 through 6, it is called Primary Mathematics.

Beast Academy – This is a full curriculum for students ages 8‑13. The textbook is written in an engaging comic-book style and it offers rigorous instruction and advanced concepts in an entertaining form. They also offer online classes. Beast Academy is part of Art of Problem Solving which offers books for middle and high school.

Art of Problem Solving – This is a complete curriculum for middle and high school students, as well as full courses for math contest preparation. It offers rigorous material that teach in-depth problem solving skills. This is for students that love math and want to understand concepts on a deeper level

Life of Fred Mathematics – This is a fun curriculum designed in a novel style where the student gets to know Fred and his life. It applies concepts to real life situations. The program relies on reading comprehension and critical thinking. It is available for students in elementary, middle, and high school.

Language Arts

The MCT Language Arts Curriculum – Creative, original, inspiring, and beautifully designed. The curriculum includes: Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, Poetics, and Literature and it is for Elementary, Middle, and High School students. It prepares students to understand the English language in depth and appreciate it. It teaches high-level language arts in an entertaining way.

All About Spelling – This is a scripted program that teaches spelling using a multi-sensory approach. It gave my kids an excellent foundation for spelling. It has levels 1 to 7, Elementary through High School.


Creating a Masterpiece – This curriculum is very easy to follow and lots of fun. It includes step-by-step video instruction from Sharon Hofer. They offer a free sample project. Projects are for all ages.

Meet the Masters – This is another great art curriculum. It teaches art history and focuses on the work of different artists. It offers a scripted lesson that anyone can teach. This curriculum is for grades 1 and up.


Little Passports – This was lots of fun when my kids were younger. You get monthly packages with activities and toys from different countries. It is a nice surprise and kids look forward to it. This curriculum is for ages 3 and up.


R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey – I used this curriculum with my kids and we loved it. We did Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy. It kept my kids engaged and entertained with the experiments and hands-on activities. The content was informative, interesting, and it is written in a way that it makes difficult concepts easy to understand. R.E.A.L Science Odyssey offers two levels. Level 1 is recommended for grades K through 6th and Level 2 is recommended for grades 6th through 10th.