Spanish Conversation

Spanish Conversation is a means to practice your Spanish in a group setting. It is a one hour conversation class twice a week for 4 weeks. This class will give students the opportunity to practice their Spanish and keep building their skills to become comfortable speaking the language. Classes are meant to immerse the student in the Spanish language therefore, classes are held in Spanish only. There will be no homework or other expectations outside of what is done during the class period. No grades or evaluations will be given.

Spanish 1

Spanish 1 is an introductory course for beginners. If the student has never taken Spanish before, this is the class to start with. This class will establish a strong foundation if the student decides to continue learning Spanish and advance to higher levels. After taking this class, the student will understand, speak, read, and write in Spanish.

In this self-paced intensive Spanish Reading Comprehension course, students will read through a classic novel in Spanish literature. This course focuses on the classic novel of Juan Ramón Jiménez – Platero y yo. It is a prose poem about the writer and his donkey. Through this work of literature the author reflects on the simple joys of life, cherished memories, and friendship. This specific version has been written for kids. I chose it because it is easier to understand and students are still introduced to a wide range of vocabulary and poetics. Students will build confidence by reading Spanish literature and will comprehend the story and learn new vocabulary by watching the videos provided, followed by quizzes. This class will prepare the student to familiarize himself or herself with Spanish literature.