I am a Florida Certified Educator and offer evaluations for every Florida county for grades K-12. Evaluations are offered in English and Spanish. Florida law requires homeschool parents to maintain a portfolio of their student’s educational records and preserve it for two years. You can use this portfolio for your student’s end of year evaluation. I will evaluate your student’s progress based on the portfolio and a brief discussion with your student. Portfolio evaluations take place virtually through Zoom. To learn what to include in your student’s portfolio click here. For ideas on how to create a portfolio click here.

In place of portfolio evaluations, I also offer evaluations by looking at the student’s final transcripts from a virtual program. These can be used as an Annual Homeschool Evaluation. Courses and final grades should be on the transcripts.

Virtual Portfolio Evaluations

Virtual Portfolio Evaluations take place through video conference via Zoom with the parent and the student. First, make sure you have samples of your student’s work scanned and ready to send to me. If you are sending me transcripts from a virtual school, please make sure you have this available before booking your appointment. After booking your appointment, you will send me samples of your student’s work (from their portfolio) via email. You also have the option to record your portfolio in video as long as the work samples are clear for me to see. If the files are too large, you can send them to me via Wetransfer.com which is a free service that will let you send large files.

Your student’s work or transcript should be sent to me at least 24 hours before our scheduled meeting. If I do not receive this by then, the meeting will be re-scheduled.

In order to evaluate your student’s progress I will need a sample from the beginning, middle, and end of the school year from every subject. I review the student’s work samples and determine if the student is progressing at a level commensurate with his or her ability. During the meeting, I will discuss with you, the parent, your student’s work and answer any questions you might have. Following our conversation, I will have a brief conversation with your student that will include questions such as his or her favorite subject, event, and/or activity. The conversation is designed to be simple and relaxed. At the end of the evaluation, I complete the evaluation form and will send it to you via email along with a certificate of completion that you can print at home. 

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” Our family had a fantastic recent experience using Gina Evangelista as our Certified home school evaluator. We were more than happy with her knowledge and competency and highly recommend her services. Gina was very pleasant and helpful. She went above & beyond to seamlessly meet & exceed our needs, and requirements for end of year evaluations. Gina even took the time to direct us and give us links, for adding computer science resources. We look forward to getting evaluations again from her in the coming school year. ” – Jessica Calder