What is Homeschool Coaching?

Homeschool coaching is a partnership that allows homeschool parents to create the homeschool experience they want for their kids. Homeschool coaching focuses on setting goals for your child’s homeschool journey and help you be the best teacher/parent you want to be.

During a coaching session you will:

  • raise awareness to unlock your potential as a parent and as a teacher
  • increase your confidence when homeschooling
  • figure out what is getting on your way of creating a homeschool experience you feel confident with
  • find out the strengths you have to homeschool and to balance all other aspects of your life
  • find out what resources you have to help with your child’s education
  • find the strength and motivation to keep going when the days don’t turn out as planned
  • look for ways to manage stressful situations
  • make better decisions when it comes to your child’s education
  • and more…

Why choose me?

I am a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and a Certified Positive Psychology Coach offering health, life, and homeschool coaching. I use research in positive psychology, which is the scientific study of what makes people thrive, to guide you into creating a life and homeschool experience that will bring the confidence you need to homeschool your children and keep a balance in all aspects of your life. In our coaching sessions we build on what is working and use this as a guide to achieve the goals you have for your homeschool vision.

As your coach I will offer you my undivided attention and will support you and be on your side in every step of the way towards your vision. I will come up with questions that will raise your awareness that will guide you to come up with your own solutions to any difficulties you are experiencing in your homeschool journey.

Besides being a coach, I was a homeschool mother myself not so long ago; my two kids where home educated from K-12 and are now college students. I have experienced what has worked and what hasn’t, the ups and downs of homeschooling, the constant worry and questioning if I am doing the right thing, and an immense responsibility for my kids’ education and their health as a whole (physical, social, and emotional). If that sounds familiar, let’s talk and see how coaching can help you in your homeschool journey!

Want to learn more about my coaching offerings?

I offer one-on-one homeschool coaching and homeschool group coaching.

Visit my coaching website for more information.

Ready to homeschool with clarity and confidence?