In this self-paced intensive Spanish Reading Comprehension course, students will read through a classic novel in Spanish literature. This course focuses on the classic novel of Juan Ramón JiménezPlatero y yo. It is a prose poem about the writer and his donkey. Through this work of literature the author reflects on the simple joys of life, cherished memories, and friendship. This specific version has been written for kids. I chose it because it is easier to understand and students are still introduced to a wide range of vocabulary and poetics. Students will build confidence by reading Spanish literature and will comprehend the story and learn new vocabulary by watching the videos provided, followed by quizzes. This class will prepare the student to familiarize himself or herself with Spanish literature.

Course Structure and Delivery

This course is designed to be taken in twelve weeks but can be finished in six. This allows flexibility in your schedule for vacations and other activities.

The course consists of 6 sections. Each section includes 10 subsections which correspond to each chapter of the book. Each subsection includes a video, a vocabulary sheet, and a quiz. Each video includes a brief summary in English of what the chapter is about. It also includes beautiful pictures that correspond to the story and aide in the understanding of the story. In addition to the pictures I include excerpts taken from the book that are read in Spanish and are then translated in English. Each chapter has a vocabulary sheet that includes a few words from the chapter and its English translation. You will see a few words repeated in each chapter and this is to help reinforce the vocabulary. Each chapter has a small quiz. This is to test your understanding of each chapter.

The book is very pleasant to read. Chapters are small, some are a couple of pages and most pages have colorful pictures. You can click the picture below to be taken to the course.

Required Texts

Platero y yo por Juan Ramón Jiménez contado a los niños por Rosa Navarro Durán, ISBN-10: 8423686272, ISBN-13: 978-8423686278. The book is included in the purchase of the course.

Technology Requirements

  • High speed internet is recommended
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures
  • Vocabulary sheets are downloaded as PDF files from the website.

Who should register

Students interested in advancing their learning in the Spanish language by reading classic works of literature in Spanish. This course is also for students who are looking to take AP Spanish in the future since it introduces them to high level vocabulary and understanding of classic works of literature. This course is for students in 7th grade and up who have taken at least three years of Spanish.

Questions or comments?

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Instructor Bio

I am a Certified Professional Educator in the state of Florida certified in Spanish K-12. I teach Spanish to elementary and high school students. I am a native Spanish-speaker originally from Lima, Peru, and have also lived in Mexico city. I love to travel and have had the opportunity to visit Venezuela, Argentina, Costa Rica, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, England, France, and Portugal. I enjoy meeting people from different nationalities and learning about different cultures, and appreciate the benefit of being able to communicate in different languages. I have always had a love for teaching and enjoy seeing others progress from not being familiar about a subject to eager to learn and confident that they can become good at it.