Spanish 1 is an introductory course for beginners. If the student has never taken Spanish before, this is the class to start with. This class will establish a strong foundation if the student decides to continue learning Spanish and advance to higher levels. After taking this class, the student will understand, speak, read, and write in Spanish.

Course Structure and Delivery

Lessons take place via zoom and are personalized. You will tell me what is your learning style and I will do my best to include this in the lesson. If you prefer to follow a textbook type of lesson we can do that too, if you want me to leave homework for you, that is an option as well.

Technology Requirements

  • Stable internet connection
  • Headset with microphone preferred so I can hear you clearly.

Who should register

I teach adults and students who are interested in learning Spanish and are new to the language. If you are a homeschool student looking to add Spanish to your high school curriculum, this is the class for you. If you are a student taking Spanish in high school and are struggling with the content, this is the class for you as well. Students should be at least in 7th grade or 12 years old.

Questions or comments?

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Ready to register?

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Instructor Bio

I am a Certified Professional Educator in the state of Florida certified in Spanish K-12. I teach Spanish to elementary and high school students. I am a native Spanish-speaker originally from Lima, Peru, and have also lived in Mexico city. I love to travel and have had the opportunity to visit Venezuela, Argentina, Costa Rica, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, England, France, and Portugal. I enjoy meeting people from different nationalities and learning about different cultures, and appreciate the benefit of being able to communicate in different languages. I have always had a love for teaching and enjoy seeing others progress from not being familiar about a subject to eager to learn and confident that they can become good at it.