In this TED talk you will find out why Joshua Steimle believes that “Homeschooling is the future of innovative education”. Joshua Steimle is a self-taught entrepreneur, with a day job as the founder and CEO of MWI, an online marketing firm with offices in the US and Hong Kong. He talks about five trends that are the reason why Homeschooling is going to become part of the future of education. These five trends are:

  • more parents are starting to work from home
  • demand for individualized, customized education
  • cost of traditional education is rising
  • cost of alternative education is going down while the quality goes up
  • hope to see-favorable regulatory changes were homeschooling is allowed

He also talks about what people worry about when it comes to homeschooling and the topics that come up when homeschooling is discussed. You will also get to hear the assumptions about homeschooling, that he used to make:

  • homeschoolers cant go to top universities
  • adults educate children
  • teachers can educate children better than parents can