An end of year portfolio can be a binder, a spiral bound, or a photobook, the possibilities are as endless as your creativity.

In the portfolio you want to include what your student has accomplished during his or her homeschool year, samples of work from each subject from the beginning, middle, and end of the year, projects, and special interests.

It is helpful to include a schedule with a curriculum list and a book list so the evaluator can have a better idea of your homeschool day and so you can have a record of your student’s schedule and interests throughout the years. The schedule is a general overview of what happens during your student’s day, it does not mean that you follow it strictly. As homeschoolers, we understand that our schedules change all the time because of activities or interests that come up.

The content of the portfolio does not have to be everything you have worked through out the year it should be limited to a few works that indicate your student’s progress. You can include your student’s work from the beginning, middle, and end of the homeschool year and anything else that your student is proud of. 

Gina Evangelista is a homeschool mom, course creator, certified educator, and positive psychology coach. She has been homeschooling her two children for thirteen years and offers homeschool evaluations, consultations, on-line courses, and homeshool coaching. When she is not working as an educator or coach, she enjoys reading, photography, exercising, and working on creative projects.